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Intellectual Property and Litigation

Woodland Hills Intellectual Property Lawyers

Valencia Licensing Litigation Attorneys

Protecting your intellectual property is a vital component in securing your longevity in any industry. At the Southern California law firm of Hymes, Schreiber & Walden, LLP, our IP attorneys work hard to establish strong relationships with our clients, so we can know their personal and business goals and help protect that which they have created. From assistance with state and federal registration to defending their rights in intellectual property litigation, clients count on our experience and attentive service.

Contact our offices in Woodland Hills or Valencia to discuss your intellectual property needs. Our IP services include a wide range of transactions and litigation support, such as:

  • Trademark and copyright registration
  • Copyright or trademark infringement litigation
  • Licensing agreements
  • Assignment of rights
  • Selling IP rights
  • Trade secret protection

Tough in Negotiation, Aggressive at Trial

Our Santa Clarita attorneys also provide services designed to handle such issues as determining who retains intellectual property rights when companies dissolve, or resolving payment disputes and challenges to your rights. Many clients do not realize they need to protect "trade secrets" such as product designs, packaging, financial information, customer lists and other material that provides them a competitive advantage. We can help you identify what valuable items require protection and how to properly go about securing your rights. We focus on understanding your objectives in order to establish successful strategies for protecting rights and pursuing a lawsuit. Protecting your intellectual property is important to your success. We can show you how.

Contact Us to Learn More: 818-501-5800 or 661-257-2737

To learn more about how we can properly register your intellectual property, enforce your rights or defend you against infringements or challenges, please contact Hymes, Schreiber & Walden, LLP for a consultation about approaching your intellectual property concerns with creativity and care.

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