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A surprising number of people attempt to draft their own wills, and make tragic mistakes that prevent their intentions from being carried out. A common mistake is the belief that typing a will and signing it is sufficient. This is far from the truth. California law provides multiple ways to create a valid will, but that is not one of them. Unless your will is valid and clear, heirs may resort to a will contest.

If you do not have a will, or your will is found to be invalid, you die "intestate." If this happens, your estate will be distributed according to state law. You probably don't know what this entails, and if you did, it may be not what you would want. For example, if you want a certain item or sum of money to go to a specific friend, there is no provision for this in the statute.

A will is a tool that puts you in control of your affairs after you have passed away. It can direct what items go to which people. It identifies bank accounts and sums to go to charities or other beneficiaries. You can choose a suitable executor to handle the distribution. It can state clearly what arrangements you would like for your pets. You can clarify the status of a former spouse or stepchildren to avoid confusion or disputes. It can minimize the probate process and reduce taxation. It can identify guardians for children.

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