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Probate and Estate Litigation

Woodland Hills Probate Lawyers

Ventura Estate Litigation Attorneys

In California, lawyers don't charge an hourly fee to represent the personal representative in the probate process because costs are based on the size and value of the estate. It thus does no good to bargain shop for probate help. Finding an experienced probate attorney you can build a quality relationship with is the key to success.

Your comfort level is where the probate and estate litigation attorneys of Hymes, Schreiber & Walden, LLP offer an advantage. We are a small, family firm that enjoys working with each other as much as we enjoy building strong relationships with our clients. Contact us for a confidential consultation. We are accessible and can approach your legal concerns in creative and caring ways.

Representation in Will Contests

Unlike civil or business litigation cases, lawsuits over an estate - regardless of size - are emotionally charged affairs involving family dynamics, fairness or timing of distributions, and other factors.

Probate is a relatively straightforward process of validating a will in court or determining distribution when no will is present. An effective will contest typically involves challenging whether the testator was of sound mind when creating the will, or whether there is evidence of duress, undue influence or fraud involved. Even a lack of clarity in a will's language can be grounds for contesting it. Our lawyers are prepared to help you and your family protect your interests in a will contest.

Other Estate Litigation Matters

Our Woodland Hills and Valencia-based firm also assists clients in handling other estate litigation matters that can arise, including:

  • Disputes over trustee compensation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty by a trustee
  • Third-party debt claims against the estate
  • Trust violations by trustees
  • Issues of impartiality
  • Inheritance disputes

Whatever your needs, our extensive experience in probate and trust administration − together with our focus on establishing comfortable, long-term relationships with our clients − can help you protect what matters most to you and your family.

Contact Our Law Office Today: 818-501-5800 or 661-257-2737

If you seek representation in a probate or estate litigation case from a skilled, attentive firm focused on you, please contact our California probate litigation attorneys for a confidential consultation.

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