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"Man's best friend" is truly that sometimes. Our bond with almost any kind of pet can be a strong, loving relationship. What happens to a pet when the owner dies? A friend or relative may volunteer to care for it. But your pet deserves to have specific instructions for its care when you are gone, or you suddenly become incapacitated.

A pet trust is a tool you can create with our help. Whereas a child needs a guardian to be appointed, in a pet trust you appoint a trustee. This can be a person, or a bank that will be responsible to arrange for the pet's care. You designate a certain amount of money for food, boarding, health care, grooming, and anything else that would make your pet happy. The trust terminates upon the death of the pet, and you should state what will happen to the remainder of the funds. You should also give instructions for burial of your pet.

The amount of money is essentially unlimited. However, if it is very high, you will have to judge the likelihood of other beneficiaries feeling slighted and challenging the trust. You should name alternate trustees, and talk to them to ensure they are not unwilling. Finally, if there is a chance of the funds running out before your pet dies, you should leave instructions for that contingency.

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